12 Apr 2017

Man who fatally ran over partner handed three years in prison

11:04 pm on 12 April 2017

A man who drove over his partner while intoxicated has been sentenced to three years in prison for manslaughter.

Mark Stevens is charged with murder

Mark Stevens Photo: SUPPLIED

Mark Stevens, 59, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his partner, Delia Williams, in the High Court in Wellington last month.

She died last year when he ran her over in the Wellington suburb of Northland following an argument.

In the court this morning, Justice France sentenced Stevens to three years imprisonment.

He would be disqualified from driving for a further four years upon his release.

"You did not intend to hit Ms Williams with the car but, second, the risk of hitting her should have been obvious to you.

"You knew she had fallen and took no care about where she was.

"The fact that you didn't realise the bump that you felt was her just serves to illustrate the high level of carelessness that makes this unintended death an offence of manslaughter."

The judge said Stevens would have to work harder to convince Ms Williams' family of his remorse over her death.