21 Oct 2016

Concerns over discounted sentences for meth dealers

1:25 pm on 21 October 2016

A Crown lawyer has expressed concern about sentencing benchmarks being lowered for meth users and dealers because of good behaviour.

Auckland woman Michelle Hopa appeared for sentence in the Nelson District Court today, via video link from Auckland, having been convicted of possessing methamphetamine for supply.

She was arrested at Nelson Airport last year after a flight from Auckland with close to three ounces of the drug, also known as P, worth about $50,000.

Judge David Ruth further remanded her on bail, to explore the possibility of home detention rather than prison, because of steps she has taken to turn her life around.

Crown lawyer Jamie Crawford told RNZ that raises some concerns.

"The Crown doesn't want to have a benchmark set of anything more than 15 to 20 percent for a discount of going to rehabilitation. Obviously there's issues of methamphetamine offenders trying to get brownie points," she said.