12 Oct 2016

Aviation authority issues warning over Samsung Note 7

6:56 pm on 12 October 2016

Samsung's fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is now causing headaches for the Civil Aviation Authority, which is urging airlines to make sure passengers switch them off.

The South Korean technology giant has halted all sales and production of the phone after battery problems caused some devices to catch fire, including one in New Zealand.

The Civil Aviation Authority said all airlines must ensure passengers turn off any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices when travelling.

Spokesperson Philippa Lagan said the phones must also not be charged, or stowed in checked-in baggage.

Airlines had also been reminded not to ship lithium batteries or lithium battery-powered devices that were subject to a recall, Ms Lagan said.

A Samsung New Zealand spokesman has already said anyone with a Note 7 should immediately turn off their phone, remove the SD and SIM cards and return the device to any Spark store.

Shares in Samsung have fallen further since its announcement it would scrap production of the flagship phone.

Its shares tumbled another three percent after an eight percent fall yesterday.

The company has seen about $NZ35 billion wiped off its market value in the last two days.

The Note 7 was recalled over exploding batteries in September, but as new phones showed the same problems, the company announced it was scrapping the device entirely.

There are concerns that the crisis will go beyond the costs of the recall and affect the brand's overall reputation.

The Note 7 had been seen as the main rival to Apple's new iPhone 7 model.

Samsung's woes have sent Apple's shares to a 10-month high.

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