10 Oct 2016

Four injured after Air NZ flight hits turbulence

7:06 pm on 10 October 2016

A woman on an Air New Zealand flight that hit turbulence shortly after taking off from Vietnam has described it as a flight from hell.

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Air NZ planes (file). Photo: 123RF

The airline said three cabin crew members and one passenger received minor injuries when the turbulence hit about 40 minutes into the flight to Auckland yesterday.

The plane turned back to Ho Chi Minh City where the four people were assessed and treated by medical staff.

Passenger Emma Te Paa wrote on social media that, just as an air hostess handed her a meal, the flight hit really bad turbulence.

Ms Te Paa said the plane dropped, causing food to fly everywhere and people to scream.

She said some staff were thrown up to the ceiling

The flight was able to leave again this morning and was due to land in Auckland early this evening.