1 Sep 2016

Dunedin psychiatrist who poisoned wife fights deportation

2:34 pm on 1 September 2016

A psychiatrist who slowly poisoned his wife to death is attempting to overturn his deportation order when he is released from prison.

Colin Bouwer, who is originally from South Africa, is serving a life sentence for murdering Annette Bouwer, 47, who he fatally poisoned in Dunedin 16 years ago.

Rolleston Prison

Colin Bouwer is fighting deportation to South Africa when he is released from Rolleston Prison. Photo: RNZ / Jemma Brackebush

The Parole Board said Bouwer had suffered "significant health issues" in the past year, which required time in hospital.

The board did not say what the exact nature of his illness was.

Because of that, the 66 year old's lawyer has applied to the Immigration Minister, Michael Woodhouse, to cancel Bouwer's deportation to South Africa upon release.

"Until that matter is resolved, and pending further medical treatment, he did not seek parole," a board ruling obtained by RNZ said.

The board had previously been concerned about the many "untruths" Bouwer had told over the years, "in relation to the cause of his wife's death and his part in it, and his own health and other matters".

Last year, it said he would benefit from psychological treatment.

It noted in the latest report that Bouwer was on the waitlist for treatment but because of other priorities, "it has not yet been made available to him".

The board ordered updated reports from Bouwer's treating clinicians, saying detailed information on his prognosis was required.

"Finally, we require further detail about his release plan, particularly if he is still to be deported to South Africa, as the accommodation and employment proposed previously is no longer available."

A spokewoman for Associate Immigration Minister Craig Foss said Mr Foss had received a request from Bouwer for ministerial intervention.

The request would be considered in due course, the spokeswoman said.

Bouwer conducted the poisoning of his wife in their Dunedin home between November 1999 and January 2000.

He then tried to make Mrs Bouwer's death look like an illness so he could claim life insurance and live with his lover and colleague, Anne Walsh.