31 Aug 2016

Jim Beam bottle attack 'could have killed driver'

10:15 am on 31 August 2016

A driver narrowly escaped serious injury when an empty bourbon bottle smashed through the windscreen of his car in Hawke's Bay.

The smashed windscreen

Photo: NZ Police

The man - a baker - was on his way to work at about 11pm when the bottle burst through his windscreen as he approached the Ngaruroro river bridge.

Police believe the Jim Beam bottle was thrown from a car travelling in the opposite direction.

Constable Ben Dalton said it was "reckless in the extreme" and the person responsible could face serious charges.

"The bottle came straight through the windscreen with such force that glass sprayed through the car. The bottle then struck the driver in the shoulder.

"Fortunately, he is uninjured but is understandably very shaken by what has happened," said Constable Dalton.

"The person who threw this bottle could have killed or seriously injured the driver."

We take this matter extremely seriously and it is concerning that someone could be this stupid.

"If located they will likely be facing serious charges," he said.

The bottle has been taken for forensic testing and police are investigating the incident.

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Photo: NZ Police

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The bottle and smashed windscreen glass ended up inside the car Photo: NZ Police