10 Aug 2016

Queenstown youth responsible for airport bomb scare - police

2:52 pm on 10 August 2016

A Queenstown young person has been referred to Youth Aid after a bomb scare sparked by a threatening note found at the town's airport.

Police cars outside Queenstown airport after it was evacuated.

Police cars outside Queenstown airport after it was evacuated. Photo: Supplied / Katie Armstrong

Hundreds of people were evacuated from Queenstown Airport's terminal last month after a cleaner found a note mentioning a bomb, on a plane that had flown in from Australia.

Aviation security and police officers spent several hours searching the plane and the terminal before giving the all-clear.

Detective Matt Jones said police had identified and spoken to the person responsible for the note.

A local youth had been referred to Youth Aid.

Although the incident was dealt with quickly, police were disappointed in the person's actions, which tied up a large number of emergency resources that could have been used for life-threatening situations, Mr Jones said.

The incident caused considerable disruption, forcing several flights to be cancelled or delayed and passengers to alter their travel plans, police said.

Queenstown Airport chief executive Colin Keel said the organisation was very pleased police had identified the source of the threat.