5 Aug 2016

Jury warned over woman who died in own waste

12:17 pm on 5 August 2016

The jury in the case of a daughter accused of allowing her mother to starve to death in her own waste has retired to decide the verdict.

Cindy Taylor has denied a manslaughter charge over the death of her mother, Ena Dung, and is on trial at the High Court in Auckland.

Ms Dung was found dead in her own waste, covered in open sores, weighing just 29kg and with broken ribs and a broken sternum.

Ms Taylor's friends and landlords - Brian and Luana Taylor, who are not related to her - are accused of failing to get Ms Dung help, despite knowing she was in danger.

Justice Wylie summed up the case and told jurors there had been moments of raw emotion and some disturbing photographs but that sympathy and prejudice towards Ms Dung or any of the accused must be put to one side.

He said they must consider their verdicts cooly, dispassionately and remain fair to the defendants and the Crown.

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