14 Jul 2016

Mother and children rescued from mountain

8:35 am on 14 July 2016

A family of four have been rescued from Mt Pirongia in Waikato.

A 36-year-old woman and her three children, aged 15, 10 and seven, headed off late yesterday afternoon for a walk up to the Pahuatea hut near the summit.

Mt Pirongia

Photo: Phillip Capper / Flickr / Creative Commons

They were reported missing just before 9pm.

Police said the family underestimated the time it would take and called for help after it got dark and they realised they were lost.

They said the family had inadequate clothing and equipment for the trek and had not prepared for forecast bad weather.

They were found about 3am and the rescue team walked out with them.

Police said the family are well, but cold and tired.