4 May 2016

Police make a song and dance about recruitment

1:42 pm on 4 May 2016

New Zealand police have busted out some new moves to recruit officers, making a video of uniformed staff dancing, which has been viewed millions of times this week.

The video, which was posted by NZ Police Recruitment, has been viewed more than 3.4 million times, and received more than 104,000 likes on Facebook, after it was posted earlier this week.

"We catch people on the run every day, this was a new #runningmanchallenge for our team."

The Running Man Challenge is the latest viral dance video trend, with participants doing the running man dance to 1990s song My Boo by Ghost Town DJ's.

NZ police challenged other police departments around the world to do their own dancing, and the challenge was accepted by the NYPD:

Police are currently running a recruitment campaign, with the aim of recruiting 400 officers for next year.

Two of the five "Do You Care Enough to be a Cop" videos have been viewed more than five million times on Facebook since they were put up in March.

One is of a boy eating out of a rubbish bin and another of a man passed out on an Auckland street.

Police spokesperson Karen Jones said in the first month of the campaign alone, 87 applications came in, and they were from a very diverse range of people.

The third video is set to be released in a couple of months.

View the videos here: