28 Jan 2016

Autism families urged to act early for NCEA

4:25 pm on 28 January 2016

Families of teenagers with autism and learning difficulties are being urged to start seeking special assistance for this year's NCEA exams as soon as possible.

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Altogether Autism national manager Catherine Trezona said education agencies had made it easier for children to get assistance such as reader-writers and extra time during exams.

But she said they should start the process of applying for that help early in the year.

"The first deadline for families to be aware of is March 14th for any first-time applicant that is coming under the learning difficulty pathway.

"Beyond that, for anybody who is coming under the medical, the physical, or the sensory need under this assessment, you can actually apply for anywhere throughout the year, right up until the time of the last exam."

Ms Trezona said some schools were still not aware of changes that had made applications for special assistance much cheaper.