NZ's biggest prop and costume shop on the move

8:35 pm on 22 January 2016

Coffins, medieval armour and several Marilyn Monroes are among 400,000 items that are on the move as New Zealand's largest prop and costume business sets up shop in a new location.

Despite having every kind of costume and prop a film or television show could need, a boom in New Zealand's film and television industry means First Scene needed more stock - and a bigger space was needed to house it all.

Owner Jo Pilkington said it would take about 50 truckloads to move the business to the new Avondale location.

She said it had outgrown the old space in Kingsland, but moving fake cannons, seventies computers and several decades of costumes had its challenges.

Some items would not be making the move, with the company holding its annual garage sale of unwanted items at the end of February.

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