AC/DC rock Auckland all night long

7:53 am on 16 December 2015

REVIEW: Every AC/DC fan knows what they'll get from a gig; middle-aged men playing heavy, high-energy rock'n'roll until they can play no more.

Tuesday night's concert in Auckland - the final gig in the New Zealand leg of their Rock or Bust tour - didn't disappoint.

AC/DC turn it on in Auckland

Brian Johnson and Angus Young of AC/DC turn it on in Auckland. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

There were none of the thunderstorms or technical glitches seen at the Wellington gig earlier this week, meaning 60-year-old Angus Young could duckwalk and leap across the stage for two hours straight. Closely resembling Gollum with a comb-over these days, Young has the Jagger-esque ability to defy his years with boundless energy, and still possesses his renowned fast fingers and showmanship.

The band's sound was as crisp as it has always been, with new rhythm guitarist Stevie Young, returning drummer Chris Slade, and ever-present bassist Cliff Williams keeping the rhythm tight. Stevie Young may be Angus and Malcolm's nephew, but is of a similar age, possessing a pleasingly haggard look that helps him blend in with the others.

It wasn't a flawless performance by the band - the opening song Rock Or Bust didn't kick things off as strongly as a better known number would. Brian Johnson's shrieking voice was often drowned out by the music, possibly to the relief of all dogs within a 5km radius. Young fluffed the opening riff to Thunderstruck, and he didn't perform his customary striptease (perhaps he feels the cold these days).

Angus Young in heavy riff mode.

Angus Young in heavy riff mode. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

But as a show it had everything a fan could hope for; most of the classics, a few new numbers to give people the chance to get a beer, and even songs many had forgotten existed, such as Have A Drink On Me and Shot Down In Flames.

The intro graphics were fantastically over-the-top, the band's long-time inflatable friend Rosie was looking divine and the band even timed the final beat of the night perfectly with the closing firework display.

When it comes to putting on a show, there can't be a band that surpasses them.

AC/DC's show kicks off with a bang

AC/DC's Auckland show kicks off with a bang Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski