27 Nov 2015

Kittens prove hit with office workers

2:33 pm on 27 November 2015

Some office workers in Auckland and Wellington are in for a cute and fluffy distraction this afternoon.

The SPCA and taxi app company Uber have teamed up to deliver kittens to offices in the cities for 15 minute visits.

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The $30 fee for each kitten booking will go to the SPCA. Photo: RNZ / Laura Bootham

The $30 fee went to the SPCA.

Wellington SPCA marketing team leader Vicky Hale said it relied on hundreds of volunteers to foster up to 1500 kittens every year.

Ms Hale said the event would serve many purposes, including helping socialise the animals.

"It's a really exciting opportunity to promote animal adoption, the importance of animals in our lives and also to raise awareness of fostering.

"We rely on hundreds of volunteers fostering every year so a small group of people are able to come in and play with the kittens, get kitten cuddles and have a bit of fun."

Ms Hale said competition between offices to book the experience had been fierce.

"We've had huge demand. People will need to keep an eye on the Uber app for when the kittens become available throughout the afternoon, and they can then book."

Some RNZ staff succumbed to the lure of the cuddly kittens and a room was booked for the diminutive visitors in Wellington.

With the table and chairs pushed aside, an informal meeting took place between 15 staff squashed together on the floor and the two kittens. The first word uttered was a collective "awww".

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The visiting kittens provided a fluffy distraction for RNZ staff in Wellington today. Photo: RNZ / Laura Bootham