25 Nov 2015

Ahoy rubber neckers: can you can spot Shira?

11:03 am on 25 November 2015

Taking rubber necking to the extreme, an Auckland Zoo's giraffe is hitting the road and may turn the heads of motorists.

Shira, Auckland zoo giraffe

The two-year-old is being moved to Christchurch's Orana Park. Photo: SUPPLIED

Two-year-old Shira is being moved from the zoo to Auckland's port, at the start of her journey to Christchurch's Orana Park.

She is travelling through the streets of Auckland in her crate on the back of a truck, with a window where she can look out, so people may spot her - most probably stopped at the lights.

The route takes her from Old Mill Road through Motions Rd, Great North Rd, St Lukes Rd, Balmoral Rd, Mt Eden Rd (through Mt Eden shops), Symonds St, Anzac Ave and Beach Rd

Shira will be lifted by crane onto a ship and then have a three-day sea voyage to Timaru, where she will disembark. The sea voyage is expected to take two to three days and the road trip from Timaru to Orana Wildlife Park about three hours.

The Zoo says the young female is being relocated to progress Australasia's regional breeding programme for the increasingly threatened African species.