18 Nov 2015

Beliebe it: Parris choreographed 13 videos in 3 weeks

11:23 am on 18 November 2015

When Kiwi dancer Parris Goebel was asked to choreograph, direct and co-produce 13 new Justin Bieber videos, she had no time to think about the fact she only had three weeks to do it.

Parris Goebel

Parris Goebel in Step Up: All In Photo: AFP/Summit Entertainment

The 13 tracks of Justin Bieber's latest album Purpose have been uploaded to YouTube and form a short film - and in the few days they've been watched millions of times.

Candian singer Bieber has a huge world-wide following, known as the Beliebers, and his music has topped charts since he found fame as a teen star in 2010.

The videos were all choreographed by Goebel, 24, who founded Auckland's Palace Dance Studio and has trained teams to compete at the World Hip Hop Championships, resulting in dozens of gold medals.

Justin Bieber in the 'Purpose' video

Justin Bieber Photo: YouTube

She told Morning Report today she got the call from Bieber's team out of the blue.

"It was a really, really random call, I was just at home one day three weeks ago and I got a call from his manager, who said they had been watching my stuff and 'you're really talented, we've had this crazy idea for his entire album.'

"I just thought this was crazy, I don't know if I can do this quickly enough, so I just dived in and went for it, and then luckily, it all turned out really good."

She said as soon as she got off the phone, she began brainstorming and put a dance crew together.

"As soon as I knew I was going to do it, I thought about who I wanted to use, and made some phone calls on day one to all those people to see if they were interested and free, and just made it happen"

About a quarter of the videos were filmed in New Zealand, with Goebel calling on local talent to make their mark.

She said it just made sense for her to use Kiwi dancers in the videos.

"I'm proud to be from new Zealand and I have a studio there with lots of talented kids, so it just made sense to use them and give them the opportunity."

Goebel has previoulsy worked for US star Jennifer Lopez and performed in the dance film Step Up: All In.