16 Mar 2010

Karla Cardno killer again denied parole

9:53 am on 16 March 2010

The man convicted of murdering Lower Hutt schoolgirl Karla Cardno has again been denied an early release from prison.

Paul Joseph Dally was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1990.

A psychologist's report given to the Parole Board says it is extremely problematic that Dally dismisses his offence as ancient history.

The Cardno family has also written to the board urging against his release.

However, a letter from Dally's lawyer asks for a recommendation of some temporary releases and attendance at a self-care unit.

In its decision, the board says it is not convinced that Dally has properly dealt with his offending and believes there is no likelihood of him changing significantly before the next parole hearing in three years' time.