28 Oct 2015

Jailed sex offender to be released early

3:44 pm on 28 October 2015

A man who was jailed for sexual offending against boys is set to be released early next month on strict parole conditions.

Elvis Dobson Shepherd, who abused students at Hato Petera College in the early 1990s, has been in prison since 2010.

In granting Shepherd's release, the Parole Board said it was satisfied any risk could be mitigated by very strict conditions.

He has been told to have no contact with his victims, and not to enter any school, playground, park, kohanga reo, marae or any other place where children are.

He must not leave his address, undertake any job or training or have any positions of leadership without permission.

He is also not to communicate with anyone under-16.

Shepherd will be able to leave prison on 9 November.