Teacher again denies sexual contact with boy

3:09 pm on 22 October 2015

A teacher accused of sexually abusing a boy is remaining firm in her assertion that she did not have a sexual relationship with him.

The woman, whose name is suppressed, is on trial in the High Court in Wellington on charges including indecent assault, sexual violation and unlawful sexual connection.

The Crown says the woman began an intimate relationship with the boy and frequently exchanged text messages with him, when he was aged between 10 and 13.

However the woman denied that any of those things ever happened and said she had never told him she loved him.

It is her second day of cross-examination.

This morning, Crown prosecutor Dale La Hood grilled the woman on the texts he said were from her to the boy.

But she denied that and said they must have been sent by another member of her family, who had access to the phone.

After further questioning about her relationship with the boy, Mr La Hood accused her of 'shifting ground' and making things up because her answers were not consistent.

Mr La Hood also questioned her about a hotel, where the boy said she had sex with him, but the defendant said she had only been there alone.

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