20 Oct 2015

John Oliver takes aim at John Key

12:15 pm on 20 October 2015

The top American show Last Week Tonight, has labelled John Key's interview with Radio Hauraki 'the single greatest political interview of all time.'

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Screenshot from John Oliver's Last Week Tonight

Comedian John Oliver Photo: YouTube

Show host John Oliver is a well-known British comedian and political commentator, who has been hosting the satirical American current affairs programme for about 18 months. It averages about 4.1 million viewers in the US, but has many more international viewers who watch the show on cable television or online.

Closing his most recent show, he said that the week's news had been rather depressing, bar "one ray of pure, joyful light" from New Zealand - or "hobbit Australia."

In the Hauraki interview, the Prime Minister took part in the breakfast show's regular Thank You For Your Honesty segment and answered questions ranging from whether or not he urinated in the shower to whether he had ever taken a "dick pic". He was also asked to decide if the Virgin Mary was really a virgin and implored to reveal his personal grooming habits.

Oliver was seemingly astonished that Mr Key agreed to the questions, commenting, with shock, that "the Prime Minister just let himself be overruled by two morning radio DJs", and further by the answers that he gave.

"I don't know what I love the most there - the fact he felt qualified to weigh in on the Virgin Mary, or the fact he confessed to theft and shower urination, or the admission that he does not trim his pubic hair. This is the single greatest political interview in all times."

But, on the subject of Key saying he had never snapped a "dick pic", Oliver looked to the bigger picture: "When you are Prime Minister John Key, every pic is a dick pic."

It isn't the first time Mr Key has fallen foul of Oliver's wit: following "ponytail gate", Oliver addressed him directly on the show, saying, "You're the Prime Minister of New Zealand, not a Real Housewife of New Jersey."

"The problem is, this completely undermines his authority during any diplomatic negotiation," he said.