5 Aug 2015

Connor Morris' friends give evidence

7:25 pm on 5 August 2015

Friends of Connor Morris have described the street fight that claimed his life.

Connor Morris and partner Millie Elder-Holmes.

Connor Morris and partner Millie Elder-Holmes Photo: Facebook

Four men involved in the fight gave evidence today in the High Court in Auckland, where Michael Murray is on trial for murder.

He has denied murdering Mr Morris in a street fight in west Auckland a year ago.

The Crown says Mr Murray murdered Mr Morris by swinging a long-handled sickle at his head.

Mr Murray's lawyers say their client was acting in self-defence.

The four witnesses described seeing Mr Morris on the ground but said none of them saw the moment when he was hit.

John Akavai said he saw Mr Morris drop two men to the ground, before hearing Mr Morris' partner Millie Elder-Holmes scream. He then turned to see Mr Morris on the ground.

'A loud scream'

Another man, Zane Gillbanks-Williams, said he flatted with Mr Murray and several others.

He told the court that, on the night Mr Morris died, he heard a loud scream and ran outside to see a man face-down and a woman standing close-by with four or five large men.

He said the men started coming towards him and he ran back inside and locked the door.

Mr Gillbanks-Williams said he got everyone inside the house to come into the room.

He said when his partner left the room to use the toilet, cans were thrown through the window as if they were aimed at her.

The Crown is due to call evidence from 45 witnesses including Ms Elder-Holmes, who is the daughter of the late broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes.

The trial is set down for four weeks.