14 Jul 2015

Victim calls for choice on name suppression

9:55 am on 14 July 2015

A sexual abuse victim says the lifting of her name suppression will allow her to help other survivors.

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Photo: RNZ

Candy Eum was abused by her stepfather, Brian Hughes, from the age of 12 until she was 16.

Last week a judge granted her application to waive name supression, which is automatically given to victims of sexual abuse.

Ms Eum said she wanted her name made public so she could help other rape survivors.

"Victims should be given the right, from day one when they report, if they want their name suppressed. For victims to actually have to go through the ordeal to report, and then go through the ordeal to have their name unsuppressed - I just don't think that's very fair on them.

"The name suppression is designed to protect victims and survivors, so they can report without feeling afraid that they will be identified.

"The problem is, I was never given that option. It was just automatically suppressed."

Ms Eum said she had started a website to empower and aid other rape survivors, and had already heard from people seeking help to report their own abuse.

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