8 Jul 2015

Coroner findings on crewman's death

9:18 pm on 8 July 2015

The death of an Indonesian deckhand in New Zealand waters has led to calls for better guidelines for foreign vessels.

The GOM 379


Triyono, from Java, died in the Southern Ocean near Auckland Islands on 5 May last year after he was trapped by a rope being used to retrieve a trawl net.

The 40-year-old became trapped between the coils of the rope, which were caught in the revolving drum of the winch - injuring his spine and proving to be instantly fatal.

The ship, the GOM 379, was manned by Korean and Indonesian crew and officers, and was fishing squid near the Auckland Islands, about 350 kilometres south of New Zealand.

Coroner David Crerar, in a finding released today, found the ship's management had not complied with industry best practice in the way the rope was kept on deck, resulting in the fisherman being caught.

He found the absence of another operator at the winch, has contributed also.

He recommended Maritime New Zealand continue with its supervision of fishing boats owned by foreign companies and that it further enhance a safety bulletin for the fishing industry.