20 Jun 2015

No wrongdoing in Brown electoral returns - police

6:23 am on 20 June 2015

A police inquiry has found nothing wrong in the way the election campaign team for Auckland's mayor Len Brown, used a trust to keep most donations anonymous.

Auckland Council Meeting. Mayor Len Brown

Auckland Council Meeting. Mayor Len Brown Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Aucklander Grace Haden complained to police after the 2013 election, saying Mr Brown had improperly hidden donors names inside the fundraising entity the New Auckland Council Trust.

Police have written to Mr Brown saying there was no evidence that he was aware of the identity of individual donors who gave to the Trust.

While rules governing campaign donations changed part way through the 2013 campaign, the police say all donations passing through the Trust occurred before the 1 July law change.

Police note that a request for a copy of the Trust's deed had not been responded to by the campaign team, although there was no obligation for it to be handed over.

Mr Brown had no comment other than to confirm he had been advised the outcome of the inquiry