2 Jun 2015

Teen's death prompts beach safety warning

8:53 pm on 2 June 2015

A coroner says the death of an Auckland boy who drowned at Northland's Maunganui Bluff is a reminder of the extreme dangers of swimming at west coast beaches.

Dillion Todd-Robinson, 13, was swept away on an outgoing tide at Ripiro Beach in August 2012.

Coroner Brandt Shortland said Dillion had been wading in knee-deep water with his friend, whose stepfather was fishing nearby.

The boys were in what appeared to be safe conditions but were told not to go deeper.

Mr Shortland said he did not believe it was Dillion's intention to go swimming but the boys didn't realise the extreme danger of the tide.

They were knocked off their feet and were quickly taken out by the current.

Several locals tried to save the boys but they could not see Dillion.

Mr Shortland said Dillion's body was found several kilometres away, indicating the strength of the current.

It was a reminder of the dangers of swimming at West Coast beaches and the importance of water survival skills, Mr Shortland said.