17 May 2015

Pamphlet shows extreme viewpoint - principal

2:43 pm on 17 May 2015

A Christchurch school principal says a student who complained about being given a pamphlet describing women in de facto relationships as "cheap prostitutes" and "wicked fornicators" got the wrong end of the stick.

The pamphlet, made by the American-based Bible Baptist Publications, was shown to year 11 students at Papanui High School during a health studies class.

high school student generic

Student's were shown the pamphlet during a health studies class (file). Photo: 123RF

It also said death and hell awaited those who have gay sex.

"The only SAFE sex is MARRIED sex between a man and a woman," it said.

"Any other form of sex is SINFUL sex. Death and Hell await those who continue in such wickedness."

Principal Jeff Smith said the pamphlet was intended to be a learning resource that was an example of an extreme point-of-view.

"In using pamphlets, magazine articles and other forms of media, the students are given a range of things so they can draw a perspective, make informed decisions, rationalise how this information sits, knowing there can be incredibly extreme viewpoints," he said.

"There is absolutely no attempt in any way to discriminate any group, nor is there any personal viewpoint being made by any one person or the school in general."

Mr Smith said the teacher made every effort to explain the pamphlet's context.

"We're sorry that happened for that student, but in saying that we made every effort to clarify the situation as quickly as we could," he said.

Mr Smith said the teacher was upset that a complaint had been made, but had met with the student's family.

The student's mother said she was happy with the school's explanation.