8 May 2015

Abuse claims process 'fair and consistent'

8:56 am on 8 May 2015

No-one will be left out under a new system of fast-tracking historical claims of abuse while in state care, Minister for Social Development Anne Tolley says.

Anne Tolley

Anne Tolley Photo: RNZ

The ministry will accept any claims of abuse made before the end of last year on face value, subject to a basic fact check, and will pay compensation and offer an apology.

A man who was physically and sexually abused as a child in state care, Grant Mahy, said the Government was trying to sweep the claims under the rug.

He said the Government's fast-track scheme was a way of getting the victim backlog down as easily as possible, and claimed that their programme was a last-minute bid to look like something was being done.

However, Mrs Tolley told Morning Report a lot of work had gone into developing the programme to ensure it was fair and consistent. She said she was confident every claim would be settled.

"To date we've paid out I think $8.4 million," she said, and cases ranged from about $1200 up to about $80,000."

Just over a third of historical abuse claims have been resolved so far.