4 May 2015

Victim's mother still hears similar complaints

8:33 pm on 4 May 2015

The mother of a Whangarei woman, killed just days after warning police that her ex-partner had broken a protection order against him, says she still hears similar complaints from women.

Ashlee Edwards, 21, was killed in Whangarei in 2012, weeks after she reported breaches of a protection order by former partner James Akuhata.

Recently, a senior Northland police officer had been accused of mishandling protection order breaches reported by another woman - 19-year-old Ulanda Cochrane.

Miss Edwards' mother Karen Edwards said she was reassured by police this afternoon that staff training and procedures in Northland had been stepped up.

"I have got some confidence, however, it gets knocked around again when I do hear from victims myslef that they're being failed, that thier complaints aren't being followed through with and that these offenders are still on the loose and they're at risk."