30 Apr 2015

Govt shouldn't interfere - lawyer

6:36 pm on 30 April 2015

The lawyer for a New Zealander currently facing the death penalty in Indonesia says he does not want the Government interfering.

Antony de Malmanche

Antony de Malmanche of New Zealand is escorted by customs security in Bali. Photo: AFP

Antony de Malmanche is on trial accused of carrying 1.7 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine into Bali last year.

Indonesia yesterday executed eight drug smugglers, two of them Australians, despite Australia lobbying for a decade to have their executions put off.

Mr de Malmanche's lawyer Craig Tuck said that showed the Government here should stay out of it.

"I'm very cautious having watched how the Indonesians interpreted the Australian responses and approaches - they took all that information, put it through a particular lens, churned it up and then pushed back, or blew back at them pretty significantly."

Mr Tuck said the Government could help fund Mr de Malmanche's legal defence.

Waikato University law professor Alexander Gillespie said the Government had the best chance of helping save Mr de Malmanche if its started work before he was sentenced.

Professor Gillespie said some other governments helped their citizens in similar situations to pay for the best lawyer possible in the hope they are not given a death sentence in the first place.

He said lobbying after sentencing was much more difficult.

Mr de Malmanche's family said he was the victim of an internet dating scam but police in Bali said he was part of a international drug syndicate.

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