9 Apr 2015

Phillip Smith manipulative - Parole Board

11:20 am on 9 April 2015

Convicted murderer and paedophile Phillip John Smith is a manipulative, serious criminal with a high risk of re-offending, the Parole Board says.

Phillip Smith

Phillip Smith Photo: RNZ / Murielle Baker

Smith was given a life sentence in 1996 for murdering the father of a boy whom he had been sexually abusing.

He was due to be considered for Parole on 27 March but Smith waived his right to appear moments before the Parole Board panel, which had flown from Wellington, was due to hear the matter.

Panel convenor Justice Warwick Gendall, QC, described Smith's move as an illustration of his manipulative behaviour.

He said Smith complained he had not received any of the information the board would consider in the parole decision but that was not the case.

The parole assessment report opposed Smith being released on parole, and that was not surprising given his high-risk of re-offending, Justice Gendall said.

Smith fled the country last November while on a three-day release from Spring Hill Prison in Waikato, flying to Chile and then Brazil before being recaptured. He has denied charges of escaping custody.