28 Feb 2015

US court stops Dotcom fighting asset seizure

5:41 pm on 28 February 2015

A United States court has ruled the Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is not entitled to fight the seizure of his assets, because he is a fugitive facing extradition.

Kim Dotcom outside the Auckland District Court.

Kim Dotcom outside the Auckland District Court. Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker WIlson

The Eastern District Of Virginia Federal Court released the ruling overnight, barring Mr Dotcom and five others facing charges over the Megaupload site from defending the seizure of their assets in Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Mr Dotcom's American lawyer Ira Rothken said the US court was taking a very aggressive position, given his client was involved in a legal extradition process.

Mr Rothken said the decision set a terrible precedent and would mean more legal battles.

"The United States is going to try to go ahead and take this order that they got at a US court, and try to exercise it in New Zealand, to see whether or not a New Zealand court will honour it.

"And that's what we're going to have, another litigation battle, as to whether New Zealand courts think this passes muster."

Mr Rothken said an appeal was being considered.