26 Feb 2015

Call for outright ban of sunbeds

8:27 pm on 26 February 2015

The Cancer Society and Consumer New Zealand have called for an outright ban of commercial sunbeds.

Both organisations are supporting proposed legislation banning the provision of sunbed services to under-18s.

Consumer New Zealand's chief executive Sue Chetwin said there was a strong enough link between cancer and sunbed use for an outright ban to be imposed.

"The problem is that it is the sort of industry that is never going to comply. We should ban them. The evidence linking tanning devices to cancer is unequivocal."

However a suntan merchandising company said it was unfair of the Cancer Society and Consumer New Zealand to call for a ban because of the behaviour of a few businesses.

Rene Fouwler, the managing director of the sunbed company GetBrown, said he was against a complete ban.

"The people that are non-compliant should definitely be shut down - they should be wacked with hefty fines - something should happen to them," he said.

"But I think the people who are fully compliant - why aren't they able to operate their business as they always have been?"

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