21 Feb 2015

Family facing deportation move to new church

9:51 am on 21 February 2015

A Christchurch family who sought refuge in a church to avoid being deported to Chile have moved to a different church.

Mauricio Ravet and daughter Kate on 18 February 2015.

Mauricio Ravet and daughter Kate. Photo: RNZ / Conan Young

The Ravet family have lived in New Zealand for 11 years, but the parents' work permits have expired, and they face being sent back to Chile.

They had first sought refuge at a Catholic Church in Burnside.

But Bishop John Gray of the Anglican Church said he could offer them a home within his church's grounds and he was prepared to fight the Government over the issue.

"They're elected representatives of this country that can't get it right with the treaty, so they can't get this right with immigration."

Bishop John Gray said the family were welcome to stay long term, but they wanted the issue to be resolved as-soon-as possible.