20 Feb 2015

NZ greyhound industry condemns live-baiting

3:27 pm on 20 February 2015

New Zealand's greyhound racing industry is banning anyone caught up in illegal live-baiting in Australia from competing in this country.

Greyhounds round the bend

Greyhounds round the bend Photo: PHOTOSPORT

At least 25 trainers in Australia were caught up in an investigation into the use of small, live animals such as rabbits and piglets as bait for training greyhounds.

Greyhound Racing New Zealand's animal welfare manager Greg Kerr said there was no history of the banned practice going on in this country, but the investigation had still hurt the sport's reputation.

"We're just making sure that our integrity of our industry here in New Zealand isn't compromised by any dogs coming over that have been through that live-baiting training, or any persons who have been suspended. We don't want a bar of them."

Mr Kerr said strict regulations came into force in this country two years ago, including a $10,000 fine and lifetime ban for anyone found guilty of live-baiting.