25 Jan 2010

Gym under fire over soy article

8:21 pm on 25 January 2010

One of New Zealand's largest gyms is being criticised for publishing information which claims soy products make children gay.

The newsletter published by Club Physical includes a link to an article which claims, among other things, that soy products are feminizing, lead to sexual confusion and homosexuality.

Club Physical chief executive Paul Richards puts the weekly newsletter together and sends it to 11,000 members throughout New Zealand.

Mr Richards says he does not really want to believe soy will make someone gay, but thought that the article was interesting and those who are offended by its content need to get over it.

But John Kingi is disgusted at his gym's actions and says he will cancel his membership.

Mr Kingi, who has been a member for two years, is also the treasurer for an organisation called Rainbow Youth.

He says the article is filled with homophobic language and statements and does not think it is appropriate for the gym to publish it in its newsletter.

Mr Kingi says he does not want to financially support a business that would deem those views appropriate.

About 300 people have supported him on the social networking site Facebook.

Mr Richards says all he did was to put a link on the newsletter and ask for people's opinion and anyone who cancels their membership because of that is small-minded.