15 Dec 2014

HNZ tenant takes eviction fight to court

4:13 pm on 15 December 2014

An Auckland woman being evicted to make space for a new housing estate has been told Housing New Zealand's repeated attempts to offer her a new house is not harassment.

Ioela Rauti claims that she is being intimidated and bullied to move out.

Ms Rauti is one of a number of tenants whose houses will be pulled down as part of the Northern Glen Innes redevelopment.

She said she was visited six times in three days, which breached the peace and enjoyment clause in her tenancy agreement.

Housing New Zealand said it was trying to offer her a new home before her eviction date on 27 January next year.

A tenancy adjudicator at the Auckland District Court, Amanda Elliott, said the real issue was that Ms Rauti did not want to leave her home.

That case has been adjourned until 2 February.