2 Dec 2014

Sisters want abuser's name made public

7:59 pm on 2 December 2014

Two Christchurch sisters who were sexually abused as children in the 1970's will appeal a judge's decision to keep their abuser's name a secret.

The man was convicted for indecent assault in 1995 for the historic abuses, and received name suppression to protect his victims' identities.

Earlier this year, a Christchurch District Court judge lifted the suppression for sisters Anne-Marie Forsyth and Karen Beaumont, but a legal clause prevented him from doing the same for their abuser.

Ms Forsyth said she wanted the law changed to help other young victims of sexual abuse, and the women are filing for a judicial review of the decision this afternoon.

"I mean the goal for us is to get people talking about it, to get it out in the open and to stop the secrecy, because secrecy is what paedophiles and abusers hide behind," she said.