27 Nov 2014

Abusive ECE teachers keep certificates

8:30 pm on 27 November 2014

Two Tokoroa early childhood teachers censured for serious misconduct over the mistreatment of children have been allowed to keep their practising certificates.

Early learning centre manager Mary Ngapo and her daughter, Rebecca Ngapo, have admitted several charges brought by the Teacher's Council relating to incidents that occurred between 2011 and 2013.

The pair admitted rough handling of children aged between 20 months and two years which included putting soap in one's mouth for swearing, shoving food into a child's mouth while it was crying, yelling at them and punishing them by confining them to a small room by themselves.

The council ruled Mary Ngapo could not manage a centre for three years but could still practise,

and Rebecca Ngapo must attend a course for behaviour management strategies, among other things.