21 Nov 2014

Wilson gets 6 more months jail time

7:18 pm on 21 November 2014

Serial sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson is to serve another six months of jail time on top of his existing 21-year sentence after being found guilty of breaching his parole conditions.

Stewart Murray Wilson (centre) at the Whanganui District Court in 2014.

Stewart Murray Wilson (centre) at the Whanganui District Court in 2014. Photo: RNZ / Robin Martin

At the Wanganui District Court today, Judge Bouchier dismissed Wilson's defence claim that the breach in 2013 was not serious in light of his stringent parole conditions. It will delay his next release date by six months from December next year.

Wilson appeared in court clutching a plastic bag with a single-page typed letter which he distributed to media after the sentence.

In it, the 67-year-old describes the breach of his parole conditions as a victimless crime.

At a previous appearance, he had pleaded guilty to the charge which relates to a call he made in early 2013 to a woman who was the subject of a non-association order.

He had been released from prison in late 2012, but was recalled following the breach.

Judge Bouchier said the breach was serious, involved deception and was further evidence of Wilson's manipulative behaviour.

His new sentence is cumulative on top of his current sentence, which is due to end next year.

Wilson was originally sent to prison for 21 years for various offences, including rape and indecent assault. That sentencing took place 1996.

Wilson to appeal sentence

Stewart Murray Wilson has told his lawyers to appeal against the six month jail sentence he received today for breaching his parole conditions.

His lawyer Andrew McKenzie said imprisonment was a surprise and a disappointment to Wilson.

"He's clearly disappointed, you know he's instructed us to lodge an appeal so we'll be attending to that in the next few days and see where it goes."

Mr McKenzie said his submissions were directed toward something in the nature to come up if called upon.

Mr McKenzie said his client wished he had never made the call that caused another six months' jail time to be added to his 21-year sentence.

He said Wilson accepted the call was a mistake.

Mr McKenzie said Wilson had another parole hearing on 12 December and he will be working positively towards his eventual release, which now looks to be some time in 2016.


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