2 Nov 2014

Fewer fines for Christchurch drivers

5:01 pm on 2 November 2014

Motorists in Christchurch caught with an expired vehicle warrant or registration will now receive a friendly reminder rather than a $200 fine.

The Christchurch City Council initiative is designed to encourage motorists to fix the problem, rather than penalising them for a first offence.

The council's parking manager Andrea Jopling said the fine would only be waived if a warrant or registration was fewer than 15 days overdue.

"If there is a car that looks decidedly unsafe they wouldn't be getting a friendly reminder, what we're hoping to achieve is that a lot of people they don't notice that their warrant of fitness or their registration is expired and we are just a reminder that they need to get this sorted."

And she said a fine would follow if the vehicle was ticketed twice.

Ms Jopling said any unsafe vehicles would still receive a ticket.

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