31 Oct 2014

Car ramming dad 'would do it again'

8:54 pm on 31 October 2014

A father who rammed a car, hitting one man and pinning another between the two vehicles, says he would do the same again if he was called on to protect his son.

Stephen Paul Bolton was disqualified from driving for three months, ordered to do 100 hours of community service and pay reparation of $1400.

At his sentencing at the Christchurch District Court today he admitted two charges of dangerous driving causing injury.

The incident followed a high-speed pursuit of his son by the two men Bolton subsequently attacked.

Outside court, Bolton said he had no option but to do what he did.

"If the same sort of thing happened tomorrow I'd have no options but to go and try to rescue my kids again, as any decent human being or any father would.

"You've just got to be there to protect your family or try and rescue them if they scream out in the night for help."

He said if he had not intervened, his son would have been seriously harmed.