28 Oct 2014

Top Northland cop's drugs trial starts

6:39 pm on 28 October 2014

The head of Northland's organised crime unit stole drugs stored at the Whangarei police station before giving them to a women to sell, the High Court at Whangarei has been told.

Former Detective Sergeant Mike Blowers is on trial charged with stealing methamphetamine from a police drug store and supplying it to a dealer. He is also charged with supplying the dealer with cannabis.

Crown prosecutor Phillip Hamlin told the court today that in the 13 months to June 2012, Mr Blowers stole drugs stored at the station and gave them to a woman to sell, with the aim of making money.

Mr Hamlin said Mr Blowers was charged after the police discovered that meth seized in a raid he had led on a Whangarei motel had been cut with salt.

Mr Blowers had signed the meth out for a day and returned it but Environmental and Scientific Research found its purity had been reduced from 89 to 28 percent, he said.

Mr Blowers denies the charges.