22 Oct 2014

Call for Glassons to pull bull advert

12:49 pm on 22 October 2014

Animal rights activists are calling on the clothing store chain Glassons to pull its latest advertisement, saying it glamorises animal cruelty.

The video shows a model wearing the company's clothes while riding a bull in a rodeo setting.

Lobby group Save Animals from Exploitation (SAFE) said the sport subjects the animals to pain for the sake of entertainment.

Head of campaigns Mandy Carter said Glassons' marketing department is getting it all wrong and is sending a message that cruelty to animals is cool.

Ms Carter said Glassons has refused to pull the advertisement.

Last week it withdrew store mannequins that had been criticised by many people as being too skinny.

The SPCA has joined the criticism and said the video is another marketing blunder for the company. Bob Kerridge said members of the public have called to complain about the video.