25 Sep 2014

Compo sought for failed sterilisations

7:26 pm on 25 September 2014

Eleven women who have fallen pregnant following botched sterilisation operations are seeking compensation from ACC.

The women came forward following the Supreme Court's ruling that ACC must cover expenses stemming from failed sterilisation operations.

Wellington lawyer John Miller, who is representing the women, said they were entitled to compensation for the expenses incurred by medical negligence.

He said the compensation should cover more than just the term of the pregnancy.

"We see that ACC should cover losses and expenses that go beyond that.

"And this question of how far beyond that, and what costs and expenses are involved and entitlements, such as home help and childcare."

Mr Miller said Inland Revenue had estimated it would cost $250,000 to raise a child until the age of 18.

One woman, who became pregnant just over a year after a botched sterilisation operation, said it had affected her ability to work and earn an income.

She found out about her pregnancy two weeks after returning to work following the birth of her second child, she said.

"My career has definitely been damaged. I was offered a job yesterday at the company I used to work for.

"I left there four years ago and they wanted me to start on Tuesday. I can't get nanny cover ... it has changed a lot of things in my life."

Another woman, who became pregnant with twins after a failed sterilisation procedure, said the ACC should pay something towards the costs of raising them.

"It sounds like we're being horrible and putting money on our children. It's not it at all. You can't put money on children," she said.

"But (by) the same token this doctor did not, in my eyes, do his job correctly and it has made a huge, huge change to my life."

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