18 Sep 2014

Small victory for flood-prone residents

3:04 pm on 18 September 2014

Flood-prone residents in Christchurch are claiming a small victory after getting a high court case shifted from Wellington to Christchurch.

Properties in the Flockton Basin have been repeatedly flooded.

Properties in the Flockton Basin have been repeatedly flooded. Photo: RNZ

The Earthquake Commission has sought a declaratory judgement to clarify whether the approach it is using to settle claims arising from flood damage, is the correct one.

One issue is the extent to which the earthquakes have increased the risk of land to flooding.

Many residents argue that the earthquakes have lowered their properties and they are now prone to flooding, and have been inundated on several occasions.

They say EQC has used irrational criteria to determine that their properties are not an increased risk.

The case was scheduled to be heard in Wellington on 28 October but following pressure from residents and lawyers, it has now been shifted to Christchurch.

Jo Byrne who speaks on behalf of some flood-affected residents said the court has recognised the issue needs to be heard in Christchurch.

She said the court will see the real people who have been terribly affected, and who want to be part of the decision-making process about their land.

Residents will be making submissions to the court.

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