6 Sep 2014

Mark Bryers forced to testify in NZ

11:48 am on 6 September 2014

One of New Zealand's most high profile bankrupts has been told he will have to return to New Zealand to testify in his attempt to to be discharged from bankruptcy.

Mark Bryers had sought to give evidence from Australia by video link, citing a rule against witnesses being traumatised while giving evidence.

Bryers' company Blue Chip collapsed six years ago, owing 2000 investors $84 million.

Bryers was later made bankrupt and fined over $37,000 for various financial breaches.

He has lived in Australia since then.

In a claim to the High Court, Bryers' lawyer argued coming to New Zealand in person would produce a media spectacle and cause harm to his family.

But Judge JP Doogue denied this request.

He said the presence of media and members of the public might make Bryers uncomfortable, but that was the price to be paid for an open system of justice.

Judge Doogue added the New Zealand court system was capable of being run in an orderly manner, and pointed out that Bryers was the CEO of a large company doing business in New Zealand and Australia and was used to operating in the public eye.