21 Aug 2014

Orange Roughy and Hoki quotas raised

10:57 am on 21 August 2014

The government has increased the amount of hoki and orange roughy which can be caught by fishing companies.

A catch of hoki hauled into a ship in the Chatham Rise area.

A catch of hoki hauled into a ship in the Chatham Rise area. Photo: PHOTO NZ

Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy raised the quota for hoki by more than 10 thousand tonnes a year and orange roughy by about a thousand tonnes.

The extra fish were estimated to be worth $24 million.

The Environment and Conservation Organisation (ECO) said it was disappointed by the decision.

It will put more pressure both on fish stocks, and increase the amount of seals accidentally killed during fishing, Barry Weeber from ECO said.

"We were hopeful that the minister would leave the hoki fishery where it was, and basically bank any increases in stock size, so that it reduces the range of other impacts."

Seafood Industry Council Chief executive Tim Pankhurst welcomed the decision and said the quota increases were possible due to good management of fisheries.

"We're pleased to see these increases, which reflect very healthy fish stocks."