20 Aug 2014

Barlow behaviour 'out of character'

9:14 am on 20 August 2014

Supporters of a Tauranga man who tried to hire a hitman to kill his parents say their friend was told shocking news shortly before committing the crime.

Alan Barlow, who is charged with trying to hire a hitman to kill his parents.

Alan Barlow Photo: RNZ / Natalie Mankelow

43-year-old Alan Barlow was yesterday found guilty of procuring an undercover police officer to murder his parents last October.

His supporters told reporters at court that at the time their friend called the hitman he had just found out Kevin Barlow was not his birth father and his real father had already died.

It was a revelation John Hutchings said clouded Alan Barlow's judgement.

"Sometimes you say things that you regret later on you know. But, I think it was just the anger of finding out everything and missing out on meeting his real father."

John Hutchings said Barlow's behaviour was out of character.

After the conviction yesterday the lead Detective in the case Logan Nicholas said Barlow's mother was happy with the outcome of the trial.

A jury took only a few hours to find Barlow guilty. Barlow is in custody and will be sentenced on 26 September.

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