15 Jan 2014

Man wanted parents killed, papers show

6:13 pm on 15 January 2014

A Tauranga security officer agreed to pay $20,000 to have his parents killed, court documents show.

Alan Barlow pleaded not guilty late last year to attempting to procure the murder of Kevin and Diana Barlow.

Court documents seen by Radio New Zealand News say the 42-year-old had lived with his parents for many years, but six months ago their relationship soured and he was told to leave.

The police summary of facts alleges that Mr Barlow spoke with an associate about wanting his parents killed and the associate then contacted police.

It is alleged an under-cover officer met Mr Barlow in Huntly in October last year and agreed to a $20,000 fee, but apart from one phone call there was no further contact between them.

The court documents also say Mr Barlow told police in December that he was in a bad place mentally at the time and he no longer wanted his parents killed.

Mr Barlow is to appear for a case review hearing in March.