18 Aug 2014

Man snaps ankle in luge accident

9:12 am on 18 August 2014

A witness to a crash at the luge track of Skyline Rotorua says staff did little to comfort the people shaken by seeing the incident which left blood smeared on the concrete. A man crashed into a wall and was taken to Rotorua Hospital with a fractured ankle.

John Moffett was with his wife and two children on the chairlift above the luge when he saw the incident .

He said he thought the man had snapped his foot off.

Mr Moffett says staff at the top of the chairlift told him not to tell anybody what he saw and did not seem too concerned for the wellbeing of the people who saw the crash.

Skyline Enterprises said it was investigating what happened.

Chief executive Jeff Stanaland said the normal rules were followed after the crash, like closing the track straight away.

He said standard operating procedures will be changed if it was found the accident could have been handled better.